Framework 2009

The Central Waterfront Hub Framework was adopted by Vancouver City Council on June 11, 2009.

Central Waterfront Hub Framework cover

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Central Waterfront Hub Framework (15 MB)

Central Waterfront Hub Study (development of the framework)

Public Consultation 2009


“The City of Vancouver’s Vision for the Central Waterfront Hub is the creation of a world-class transportation interchange at the heart of a dynamic new downtown waterfront extension.” (Framework, page 10)

“Although the City has no land ownership in the area, nor the ability to finance or undertake the development of a transportation hub, it has a strong interest in seeing it realized due to the major transportation and ‘city building’ benefits that could accrue. As the authority with a mandate for overall land use planning, the City also has a responsibility to propose an integrated vision of what could be achieved and guide the preparation of development proposals by area landowners and stakeholders.” (Framework, page 7)

Illustrative Concept Plan:  “A series of drawings … [representing] one way in
which the Policy Directions and Specific Requirements contained within this expressed… [It is} for illustrative purposes only and … a variety of alternate approaches to the layout and form of development could be considered in further planning work which meet the intent of the Directions and fulfill the Specific Requirements.” (Framework, page 35)

Hub Framework Illustrative Concept Plan

Hub Framework Illustrative Concept Plan (p. 35)

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