Waterfront Issues 2015

After the adoption of the Central Waterfront Hub Framework in 2009, no development proposals were brought forward for the area north of Cordova Street until Cadillac-Fairview’s proposal in late 2014 for a tower adjacent to the Waterfront Station at 333 West Cordova.

The tower proposal, known informally as the ‘origami tower’ or the ‘icepick,’ spurred public reaction and discussion, and brought new attention to the Central Waterfront Hub Framework.

A number of individuals came together to form the Downtown Waterfront Working Group, which includes planners who worked on the original plan. In May 2015, they published a draft discussion paper outlining issues they would like to see the City address before considering development proposals, including work on the implementation strategy.

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Perspectives on the development of the Central Waterfront Hub:

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Development in the Central Waterfront Hub since 2009

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