Presentation 1 City of Vancouver

SFU City Conversation: Future of Our Downtown Waterfront Hub
June 4, 2015

The Central Waterfront Hub Framework
Steve Brown, Manager of Traffic and Data Management, and
Anita Molaro, Assistant Director of Planning,
City of Vancouver

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Turning to some of the challenges of the street network: Looking at the existing network that surrounds the building, we have Cordova Street and Howe Street. Howe Street is the entrance to the cruise ship terminal, which shuts down that area on very busy days. It doesn’t work to have Howe Street as the main entrance into this area.

The Cordova Connector is really important for providing the transit circulation between Granville Street and back, but it would be only a Right in-out connection because it fed only from Water Street in the east.

So the Granville extension is really important to be able to have that full movement connection for all the buses that want to come in here and connect to the hub street. In the recent downtown transit plan review survey, everyone said it's really hard to connect into Waterfront Station. So that was a big theme that came across in that consultation.

And Canada Place would provide the extension of the greenway network and eventually connect down to Waterfront Road in the future.

On the Granville Street extension. What we learned in the study was that one thing that we really wanted to fix was the elevated structure of Granville 200 and how it's disconnected from the rest of the city, the public realm. The bridge connection that goes along Granville Street is something that really impacts on Sinclair Centre and we'd love to see that removed.

So we did a structural study to look at removing the upper level of the parking in the plaza of Granville 200 and allowing the road through. What we learned was because that facility was originally built to support fire trucks, it has been built to road capacity. So that was a very interesting understanding that the road could go through, with some upgrade to the existing structure. And by removing that upper level of the parking structure, the road would come through more naturally.

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