Presentation 2 Ducote

SFU City Conversation: Future of Our Downtown Waterfront Hub
June 4, 2015

Some Thoughts About The Downtown Waterfront
Frank Ducote, Principal, Frank Ducote Urban Design and
Representative of the citizens’ Downtown Waterfront Working Group

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On Question 1: There should be an implementation plan developed for the hub - it was recommendation b) in the 2009 Council report. That means detailed infrastructure, that means streetscape in the public realm, that means quality of things; maybe even design guidelines - what kind of form and character do the buildings have?

None of that work has really been done. In other cities, you don't get to build something until you've done that kind of implementation plan. So in a sense it's just a bookmarked time until that implementation study is done and through a public process.

On Question 2: And what could be done to open up Granville Street sooner than later? I see a million square feet on one side. I see 375,000 square feet recently approved on the other side of Granville Street. Can any of the DLCs and CACs from those buildings go forward and pay for that?

And can residential use supplement and incentivize development over the track.

On Questions 3 and 4: If Granville Street is opened up, can the right-of-way through that site be reduced or eliminated, and used only for pedestrians, bikes and emergency vehicles?

On Question 5: And be a better neighbour ultimately.

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