Videos of the SFU City Conversations event on June 4, 2015

The Future of the Downtown Waterfront

Part 1: Presentation by Michael Alexander
Director, Simon Fraser University Conversations

Part 2: Presentation by Steve Brown and Anita Molaro
Vancouver Central Waterfront Hub Framework
Steve Brown, Manager of Traffic and Data Management
Anita Molaro, Assistant Director of Planning, City of Vancouver

Part 3: Presentation by Frank Ducote
Some Thoughts about the Downtown Waterfront
Principal, Frank Ducote Urban Design and
Representative of the citizens’ Downtown Waterfront Working Group

Part 4: Presentation by Graham McGarva
Waterfront Precinct: Visions of Vancouver’s Waterfront Hub
Founding Principal, Via Architecture

Part 5: Conversation and Questions
Audience and Presenters

Parts 1-5: Full-length video of event

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Event description
Audience Discussion